Reasons for Expediting


Today the concepts “Time is money” and “A satisfied customer means more orders” are more important than ever. Since there are a lot of companies from the industrial field which are producing their goods abroad, the pressure of deadlines and quality work grows more and more important. In order not to lose any time the established deadlines and the quality standards have to be kept: Any delay or quality shortcoming means losing money. Therefore, by regularly checking that the deadlines and the quality standards are being met, one can spot any delay or quality shortcoming at an early stage.

We will be working for you on-site and we will be helping you both with the preparations and with the analysis.




Due to our experience and on-time inspections:

  • the percentage of consignments delivered on time has increased by 20%
  • and due to our regular up-to-date reports you are given a chance to take
  • any measures you may consider necessary in case of delays or quality shortcomings
  • there is a considerable increase in the quality standards

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