The year 2020 is coming to an end.

A year full of challenges and changes. Despite the unusual conditions, we look to the future with confidence and look forward to new projects. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great, successful start into the New Year 2021. Season’s greetings and best wishes for a happy new year.

Christmas donation

Donations will also be made this year, this time to the Balthasar Children’s and Youth Hospice Foundation in Olpe, Germany. We hope to be able to create precious moments and valuable moments for the children and thus to be able to promote the children’s resources that are still available.

Expansion of our hall capacity

In September of this year, planning to expand the hall began. An extension of around 120 m2 is planned – a side extension to the existing hall. The documents are in progress and will shortly be presented to the local city for inspection. We expect a quick approval so that construction can begin. The extension mainly serves as a storage facility for possible production parts, the vehicle fleet or aids.The plan is to start concrete work in January 2021. We will do some internal work on this project ourselves. We hope that everything runs smoothly and look forward to the new year 2021 with joy and confidence.

Our Belgium project is constantly progressing

and the first deliveries were made in week 49 and 50/2020. For this purpose, the components were placed in the port area by GENG. The further loading was carried out with the help of a truck crane on the intended ships. The loading could be carried out on time and without further difficulties. The further assembly of the components is carried out at the customer in Germany. For this, on-site loading and other heavy loads are necessary.

We hope for a smooth start and completion of the installation. The work in the manufacturing plant is currently carried out continuously in two production facilities. The monitoring work is also in full swing to cover both production sites. There are five more containers to be completed.

The next deliveries are planned for the end of January and March 2021. M & S’s monitoring activities will continue to be carried out on an ongoing basis.

We wish everyone involved continued success and a relaxing Christmas season in order to successfully master the further tasks in 2021.

Project: Eiserntalbrücke Wilnsdorf (Germany)

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We look forward to another order for magnetic particle testing at the valley bridge in Rinsdorf, Wilnsdorf.
After tests of the bridge sections were carried out until late summer, we were commissioned by the ZSB company to test further steel structures.
The tests are carried out by our specialist staff directly on site and include magnetic particle testing on weld seams.
We are very pleased that we can continue to support the work in Rinsdorf. We would also like to thank ZSB for the trust they have placed in us.

Renewable energies project successfully completed

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A few weeks ago we were able to get the components for the renewable energies on their way to Luxembourg on time.

All components went through the welding part production and processing up to the trial assembly and final painting. The components were used promptly on the construction site with a high level of satisfaction from the end customer.

We are happy to have contributed to a successful mission and look forward to further challenges!

Expediting tasks and quality inspections on a chemical container

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We were able to win another large project at short notice: Production monitoring and deadline monitoring of various steel tanks for chemical construction.
All containers are manufactured in Germany (Aschersleben). For the kickoff talk three weeks ago via video conference, we were able to exchange the necessary documents and information. This enabled on-site monitoring to begin from week 33. From the current perspective, the production time will last until the end of October 2020.
This week the first containers could be examined and measured. Since this is a “time-critical project", the expediting tasks have top priority.
Daily work processes must be defined and controlled with the manufacturer. These are recorded daily in so-called OPL lists and made available to our customers.
We will keep you informed about the further process.

Successful completion of our renewable energy project

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In the last week we were able to complete the components for renewable energies. The last assembly work was done in our workshop in Netphen. After the trial assembly has been completed, the components were transported smoothly to the customer in Luxembourg by the “TransConnect” carrier. The end customer took over the unloading in Luxembourg.

We would like to thank the end customer for the trust they have placed in us and hope you enjoy using the components.

M&S goes Italy !

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After we have largely completed production monitoring in the Hamburg HPHOR project, new, interesting tasks await us. Our project manager there successfully has a service u. Maintenance contract with the Italian manufacturer of the vacuum belt system wrapped up. As a cooperation partner, M&S will in future, together with TECNIPLANT IT, look after the horizontal belt filter system built by TECNIPLANT ( under the assembly management of M&S in the Hamburg sewage treatment plant.
The world’s first phosphorus recycling plant will from now on be serviced by the experienced team from M&S.
A new project of similar proportions awaits us shortly in Kiel. We are pleased that we are able to benefit from our commitment in the area of quality and Production monitoring were able to satisfy the customer and there is still a lot to do for us in the future.
Group photo from the left: Rolf Muelhoefer (project Manager M&S), Davide Cadonici (Managing Director TP) Marco Basso (General Manager TP), Furio Cornetti (Service Engineer TP)

Major project in Belgium

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The production in Belgium continues to advance, where our inspection and approvals are of great importance.
This week, three large-volume containers were on  for the final test, as well as further containers for intermediate inspection.
The project for the next large-volume containers will last until around March 2021.
The accompaniment of the components includes the technical welding execution as well as all previous steps.
The contact points specified in the ITP are carefully monitored and checked by us. Another focus of the monitoring is meeting deadlines in order to be able to serve the construction site on time. Large mobile cranes have to be precisely timed for loading.
We look forward to continuing to do the job, even if the corona crisis efforts increases immensely.

Internationally on the move! Workshop assembly robot system

Further components of a major order completed

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we prepared the customer acceptance in our workshop. Here we did the production of the components as well as the further partial assembly in our workshop.

Thanks to the commitment and the good cooperation

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With our customers, suppliers and M&S employees, 3 large orders were successfully completed in Romania during the corona crisis.
These are 2 stacker cranes and 9 transfer cars for sea containers to Dubai, 2 stacker cranes for coils to China and parts of a conveyor system for galvanizing sheet metal to the USA.
The products are packed and are now on their way to the end customer!

The next project for our location in Romania

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The order includes production monitoring and deadline monitoring of various machines and components for general plant construction.
The production of all components is made in Serbia, starting with welded parts up to assembly.
The kickoff was dealt with at short notice by phone and the necessary documents for monitoring were handed to us.
The deployment planning was carried out in Romania and could be started just in time.
The components are currently in the production of weldments.
The production time is expected to run until the end of July 2021.
We will keep you up to date!

A new major project

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We take over the production and deadline monitoring of various large-volume steel tanks for chemical construction. All containers are manufactured in neighboring Belgium. In the kickoff conversation last week, which took place in form of a video conference, the necessary information and documents were already exchanged. The entry permit to Belgium is also approved.
This means that on-site monitoring could already begin this week and is expected to continue until the beginning of 2021.
The first containers with lengths of up to 83 meters and a diameter of up to 5 meters have already been examined and approved for further processing.
Please keep dropping by, we will keep you informed about further successes in this exciting project.

Step by step !

Due to the annoying corona situation, we also had to find out a new way at short notice. The Italian colleagues from Lombardy are still not allowed to enter Germany, so M&S took over the assembly management for the Italian supplier at short notice. A long-time experienced colleague from our company took over the construction management for this delicate project and maneuvered the components, some of which weigh up to 26 tons, safely to their intended location with the help of huge truck cranes, forklifts and heavy-duty castors. In this way, almost 85% of the components found their predetermined place within three days. In the next stage, the components are now connected to one another by means of pipes so that these individual parts ultimately represent a complete unit. See you soon, have a look again, it will still be exciting!
Greetings from your M&S team!

International on duty!

Our next big project is in the States!
The reason for the order in America is a track system for a robot system with the associated cable drag system.
This is made possible from purchased parts and partly from our own production.
Both systems are pre-assembled and checked for accuracy of fit before the components are transported to America.
On-site assembly supervision is still in question.
The preparations for production have already been completed and the first components are already in the process of tacking and welding parts.
We thank the client for their trust!

„Success doesn’t come for free: Just do it“

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Again, despite the Corona crisis, we were able to successfully complete another sub-project for the Hamburg phosphor recycling plant in Denmark.

Despite all the adversities, our employee Rolf Mülhöfer traveled from Netphen (Germany)  to Copenhagen to carry out the inspection  for a two- and three-stage evaporator system.
This acceptance was a logistical challenge.
Invitations, certificates and declarations from various authorities had to be organized in advance of the trip in order to ensure a smooth border crossing and stay in Copenhagen.
Since there are no flight connections at the moment, the whole trip had to be done by car, all in all we were on the road for four days and covered over 2000 km.
Also due to the strict safety and hygiene regulations at the supplier, we had to change the usual ways of an inspection.
Because of the required safety distance, we had to hold an otherwise usual meeting in the conference room in a deserted open-plan office.
Only in the evening, after no more employees were in the assembly hall, were we able to inspect together with the project manager from 7 p.m. until late at night.

Brief review of our first order in the field of contract manufacturing


A year ago our hall construction was in full swing.

Today we are happy to be able to do our work completely in our own hall.

We hope you had peaceful and peaceful Easter days and enjoyed the weather!

Despite the current corona situation

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we continue to work for our customers in production monitoring.
New situations every day present many new challenges, which we implement with new ideas and changes in the process flow. Inspection plans are adapted to the situation; instead of on-site inspections, video conferences are set up.
Telephone conferences are organized between the individual suppliers, a sometimes arduous process, but this also brings us closer to our goal of being able to successfully complete individual projects.
Despite the shutdown in Italy, we have successfully completed our production monitoring, the filter systems and all associated equipment can now be transported to Hamburg (Germany).

First order in the field of renewable energies

Another project starts!
Holding devices that are used for renovation work and new construction work on wind turbines are the topic.
We take over the complete production of welded parts, the mechanical processing and the trial assembly directly on site.
The delivery of the components to neighboring Belgium should start as early as July 2020.

We look forward to the project and will keep you up to date!

Also traveling regionally

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In the last week we had ultrasound and magnetic particle testing at the valley bridge in Rinsdorf, Wilnsdorf.

We were briefly commissioned to examine a section of the new bridge.
Due to the spread of the corona virus, the contracting company could no longer guarantee the implementation with its own staff.
So we changed our schedule at short notice in order to be able to support this project. We are happy and grateful that we have been selected for this assignment.
We wish all those involved in the major project good luck and good health.

Even in times of crisis it is possible to achieve success. – this requires a strong cohesion and team spirit.
Together we can master this quarantine!

Another important achievement

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We are pleased that we have received the next components for assembly. A mix of in-house production and external purchase was chosen for the prestressing winches.
Now we will start with the assembly and a function test.
We would like to thank the transport company – especially the driver, who made it possible  to deliver the necessary components to us  during these difficult times.

We still need team spirit and discipline in order to master the near future together.

Stay Safe

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We are happy to continue to work in our workshop under the necessary hygiene regulations.
In times of crisis one is particularly happy about successes.
Therefore we are proud to be able to record an important success even in this difficult time.

The bearing housings have been completed!
Both camps were provided with hydraulic piping. The cabling preparations are complete.
The cabling will be done in the next week.
Therefore bearings and other accessories can thus be delivered in a few weeks.

Follow the safety precautions and stay healthy!