We implement expediting for your suppliers!

Here we present our methods, inspections and reports. Our claim: Today’s inspections will be today’s reports!

A: Methods

  • Inspection visits
  • Settlement of the project at the suppliers
  • Continuous supervision
  • Status requests (via telephone, fax, e-mail etc.)
  • Photographic documentation
  • Meetings (at the employer, at the supplier)

B: Inspections

  • of the planning processes
  • of the material sourcings
  • of the production plannings
  • Inspections of the status of production (deadlines and quality)
    • of receiving materials
    • of dressing shops (firing, sawing, boring)
    • of crimp and welding productions
    • of machining
    • of assembling
    • of hydraulic and greasing equipment
    • of electrical equipment
    • of coating and transport preparation
  • Documentation (complete, punctual, accurate)
    • tagging, packing, dispatching

C: Reports

The expediter provides you with reports of all results of the expediting by means of:

  • Photographic evidence of the progress of the activities
  • Over-all views of the projects
  • Deadline schedules with the present status
  • Quality plans
  • Error reports:
    • Quality errors
    • Production errors
    • Drawing errors
    • Errors in the list of items
  • Assessing the Suppliers

Reporting principles

All information will be sent to you immediately after the inspection (by phone). You may be provided with further reports according to our agreement. The following four reporting principles are used:

  • Limiting results to clear facts
  • Objective, professional and realistic presentation of the situation
  • Specific suggestions for deadline shift
  • Specific suggestions for quality shortcomings