Dye-penetrant inspection (PT)

Own auditors with certification according to DIN EN 473, ISO 9712 and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Based on this old established testing procedure the Müller & Steel competence team determines the errors on surfaces of metallic and other non-porous materials.

A colored test liquid penetrates it due to the capillary attraction depending on the type and nature of the material in any irregularity of the test object. After removal of the test liquid, a counter capillary is generated through the application of a developer layer, which makes visible the cavities, cracks and other defects.

The criteria for veritable results of this procedure, which is used in particular for steel, bridge and container construction, is a particularly careful and thorough approach to DIN 54 152 of materials testing regulation.

We test it inaccordance with your own specifications or with the current standards