The advantages you get by supervising deadlines and quality control:

  • Punctuality = observance of the delivery dates
  • Quality = better quality results
  • Information = on-time information in case of delays
  • Contractual penalties = prevention or reduction of penalties
  • Transparency = permanent information about the status of production
  • Planning safety = using the production or the installation at their full capacity
  • Choosing the suppliers = consultancy in choosing the suppliers


Due to early reports and inspections actions can be initiated to reduce and prevent delays and quality shortcomings.

Possibilities for the purchaser:

  • Possibilities
  • Replanning the site works
  • Planning the extra work
  • Increasing the number of staff
  • Any extra costs will be passed on to the suppliers (Claiming)

Possibilities for the supplier:

  • Consequent dunning
  • Intensified expediting
  • Intervention of the management
  • Claiming
  • A higher employment of staff etc.